The Louisville Orchestra musicians sent out information this week about Keep Louisville Symphonic, which they describe as a “citizen-led effort to support its orchestral future.”

The orchestra has filed for Chapter 11. Last month, a judge ruled that the musicians must be paid. That also means that as long as the musicians are paid, they will play their regularly scheduled concerts.

But there’s more. Keep Louisville Symphonic will launch with a concert on the 29th of this month at Ballard High School. Former Louisville Orchestra artistic director Uriel Segal will return to lead the performance. Tickets are free, but donations to Keep Louisville Symphonic are encouraged.

Here’s more, from the musicians:

Tichenor said that the Keep Louisville Symphonic organization, which had its first organizational meeting and has had a tax-exempt status transferred from a pre-existing group, is an audience-centered organization. Its mission is to activate the collective energies of the Louisville community to preserve, protect and extend the inspiring and enlightening capacities of symphonic music for the city. In addition to what Tichenor envisions as once-a-month public concerts, the musicians have also committed to be involved in a grass-roots fundraising campaign to obtain additional donations to support the city’s orchestral arts.