Here are excerpts from a story printed in the Herald-Leader:

Kentucky Parole Board Chairman Verman Winburn fought board member Thomas Whetstone in their Frankfort headquarters last month after arguing about whether Whetstone, who had painted his office door red, was going to repaint it.

The Dec. 27 altercation led to a sprained wrist for Whetstone, a Workers Compensation claim against the state and a recommendation that both board members get counseling, according to interviews and public records.


“Dr. Whetstone was actually raised up onto his toes by the force applied by Mr. Winburn. Dr. Whetstone estimated (that) Mr. Winburn twisted his arm for five to 10 seconds,” Potts wrote. “Dr. Whetstone has a severely sprained wrist which he is currently treating with an Ace bandage, ice and Ibuprofen.”

Whetstone filed a Workers Comp claim the day after the fight. He stated in his injury report that Winburn “became physically confrontational and assaulted me.”


In May 2010, Winburn and then-board member Joey Stanton got into a heated disagreement while dining with colleagues at The Lady and Sons, the Savannah, Ga., restaurant owned by celebrity chef Paula Deen, then-board member Patricia Turpin said this week.