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Conway On Mongiardo’s Endorsement, Debt

Democratic Senate Candidate Jack Conway says he will be meeting with his former primary opponent Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo soon, and he expects Mongiardo’s endorsement. After a forum with Republican rival Rand Paul, Conway spoke with reporters about his relationship with Mongiardo. Conway said he doesn’t mind if party leaders want to help the Lieutenant Governor pay […]

What Is A Futurist?

Author, urban historian and futurist Joel Kotkin visited the University of Louisville today.

A Talk With A Parks Restoration Manager

Last week, Mayor Jerry Abramson and Olmstead Parks Conservancy officials announced a $150,000 fundraising push to fight invasive species in the parks. The invasive species began to flourish after the 1974 tornado, and now alien vines are choking many trees. After the press conference, I talked with Olmstead Parks Conservancy Restoration Manager Robert Woodford. Woodford is […]

The Power Of Investigative Journalism

A good piece of investigative journalism really can change things. Take, for example, Jerry Mitchell‘s recent story from The Moth podcast about his stories that landed Klansmen in jail. Here’s the description of the story (with link) from Boing Boing: “Jerry Mitchell is a local reporter here in Jackson, Mississippi who recently won a MacArthur […]

The Afterglow Proceeding a Visit from the Arts Guru

Elizabeth Kramer saw Michael Kaiser speak in Kentucky twice Wednesday— in Louisville and Lexington.

One Agenda for the Arts

“If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be “meetings.””