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Mayor Jerry Abramson will be on State of Affairs today at 1:00. Call in with your questions: 502-814-TALK.


Louisville Health Department director Dr. Adewale Troutman is expected to follow the department’s recommendation and ask the Metro Council to pass a ban on trans fats.

From Rick Howlett‘s story on WFPL:

Troutman says it’s likely he’ll push for a total ban.

“The data says that we would save up to four hundred heart attacks per year in this city,” he said.

Some restauranteurs have complained that a trans fat ban would force them to use a more expensive substitute.

The chair of the metro council’s Health and Human Needs Committee said last week she’s not inclined to support a ban but would listen to Troutman’s arguments. No hearings have been scheduled.

The question now is whether the report makes a strong enough argument to change several Council members’ minds. As for support from Mayor Abramson, he says this in the latest LEO interview:

I think with the proper education. If this study says that with a ban on trans fat you are going to decrease the number of heart attacks in your community by 1,000, there’s a savings on that. There’s also a savings not only on the lives of people, but on health care costs…

There has to be an effect on the life of the person who has decided not to eatartificial trans fats when an individual next to them decides to eat artificial trans fats. Today, most of our citizens couldn’t define artificial trans fat, they couldn’t tell you what it’s in. I would bet you 15-20 percent of businesses couldn’t tell you whether what they’re cooking with has trans fat in it. So there’s a lot of education that needs to occur. Then, let the debate begin over the pros and the cons and we’ll make a decision. At this point, California has done that, New York City has done that, Boston has done that, and a few other small cities. In most cities — like Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Nashville, St. Louis — everybody is looking at it, trying to understand and trying to educate their constituents.

As promised, here is the full audio of Mayor Jerry Abramson’s State of the City address. The microphone was a bit hot for the first few minutes, but it mellows out at about five and a half minutes in. Two minutes later, there’s a Celine Dion reference. Here’s the WFPL story.

Listen here (Large MP3 file)

I’m about to head to the Galt House for Mayor Abramson‘s last State of the City address. I’ll post the audio here this afternoon.

I clicked over to the unofficial (as in, not affiliated with the city) LMPD website this morning to check out the new scanner live stream and found something way better.

But first, the scanners. By clicking here, you can monitor police radio activity in the urban and suburban districts. This is the flash-based alternative to buying an actual police scanner and listening for crimes. The streams are pretty helpful tools for anyone who wants to keep an eye out for police activity (citizen journalists, concerned neighbors, etc)

The faux-LMPD site also has an arcade section. You can play casino games, sports games or adventure games. I think that a few rounds of “Too Many Penguins” are a welcome addition to anyone’s day. If the games aren’t your bag, maybe you’d rather watch the Lady Gaga videos linked (via a web gadget) to the page.

But it’s not all fun and games (literally). The site has a news and commentary feature that makes it clear this is not a city webpage. Here’s an excerpt from a piece about Mayor Abramson.

“…it can be reasonably assumed that a man who has made a career of micro managing his puppets departmental heads might not sound credible when he claims ignorance as a defense.”

So to review, is not affiliated with the city (here’s the official site). It does feature games. It is a source for opinion pieces that highlight various frustrations with the Abramson administration and the official LMPD.

We all know Mayor Jerry Abramson is not seeking another term and will instead try to become Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson. Abramson helped shape the merged government, and we’ve been looking at what Jefferson County will be like without his presence.

I reported on how Abramson’s absence might or might not sway the vote to a Republican for the first time in decades. The last Republican city mayor left office in 1969. Before merger, the county had a history of electing Republican leaders, but that momentum was more or less stopped by Abramson’s electoral popularity. Without him in the race, the old city and the old county will come to a head politically.

Even though they may vote differently, the city and county are one entity, and Stephanie reported this week on what exactly that means, and what it will mean once Abramson’s last term ends. Many old county residents and politicians are anxious to see how the next mayor handles merged government. Several candidates say the promises of merger must be fulfilled; the old county must feel included in decisions and they need to see the benefits of decisions made downtown. Most of the candidates have said this, but it’s not clear how it can be accomplished by one person in power.

Since Abramson was such a proponent of and influence on merger, it will be interesting to see how candidates from the outside approach a government they didn’t have such a powerful hand in creating.

Mayor Jerry Abramson and Governor Steve Beshear have made their nominations to the Ohio River Bridges Authority. Against the Metro Council’s wishes, no council members are on the panel.

From the Mayor’s office:

Gov. Beshear’s appointments include:

  • Joe Prather, former secretary, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC). Prather has a long record of public service, including 19 years in the General Assembly and an appointment as secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet under former Gov. Brereton Jones. Prather left KYTC on Sept. 30, 2009.
  • Charles Buddeke, president, Buddeke Industries Inc. Buddeke has previously served as executive director of the Louisville and Jefferson County Office of Economic Development, president and CEO of the Louisville Area Chamber of Commerce and publisher of Louisville magazine. He currently serves on the boards of the Louisville Metro Parks Foundation, the Greater Louisville Inc. Advanced Manufacturing Network, The Bridges Coalition and the University of Louisville’s Logistics Distribution Institute.
  • Jamie Fiepke, president and CEO, the Kentucky Motor Transport Association (KMTA). As president of KMTA, Fiepke has worked with a variety of industry groups and state and federal administrators on improving highway safety and continuing the trend of reducing highway fatalities involving commercial motor vehicles. He has more than 15 years experience in the retail and trucking industry.

Mayor Abramson’s appointments include:

  • Sandra Frazier, founding and managing member, Tandem Public Relations. Frazier, a director of the Brown-Forman Co. and Commonwealth Bank and Trust Co., is an active community leader and philanthropist.
  • Dr. Charles Moyer, dean, University of Louisville College of Business and Public Administration. Moyer, an expert on the cost of capital and related issues, has published more than 80 articles on issues including leasing, public utility regulation and finance, corporate governance, and cost of capital during nearly four decades in higher education.
  • Joe Reagan, CEO, Greater Louisville Inc., the metro chamber of commerce. Reagan has been a leading force in the business community’s support for the Ohio River Bridges Project to continue the safety and free flow of traffic essential to the economic vitality of both Kentucky and Indiana.
  • Benjamin Richmond, president and CEO, Louisville Urban League. Richmond has been an active participant in the research and planning of the Ohio River Bridges Project for the past decade, including serving on citizen panels during development of the Environmental Impact Statement for the project.

The governor’s appointments are subject to confirmation by the Kentucky State Senate. The mayor’s appointments are subject to approval by the Louisville Metro Council. The other members will represent Indiana.

Mayor Jerry Abramson will be on State of Affairs today at 1. Call 502-814-TALK to ask him a question.

Here’s what we reported on today:

Mysterious YouTube user SenRace2010 has released his (or her) second compilation of apparently secret recordings of Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo. Mongiardo seems to be bashing Governor Steve Beshear again.

Beshear will be on State of Affairs today. Will he dismiss the recordings as more “pranksterism?” We’ll know at 1:00.

I imagine someone at Jack Conway headquarters is already putting together a TV ad with these clips.

Last week, Mayor Jerry Abramson reiterated his support for Conway’s Senate bid. Abramson’s 2011 running mate Beshear has endorsed Mongiardo.

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