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We’ve reported on the efforts to increase the number of Louisvillians with college degrees. This could be done by graduating existing residents or by attracting degree holders. Officials are aiming to do both.

The Competitive City Report compared Louisville to other cities for college graduates, but how does the state of Kentucky fair overall? Not too bad, compared to the rest of the south.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has posted an interactive map showing which states have the most degree holders between 25 and 34.

32.2% of Kentucky’s 25-34 year-olds are college graduates. That puts the commonwealth just ahead of Tennessee and every southern state west of Georgia. However, Kentucky lags behind nearby competitors Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina.

The most educated young people are on the east coast and the upper midwest. Nearly half of the young people (46.8% on average) in North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska are college graduates. Maybe there’s something in the headwaters of the Mississippi. This concentration of working-age degree holders will be something to watch as the economy improves. Perhaps the northern midwest will become a hot spot for relocating and upstart businesses that are seeking young, smart workers.


Louisville government, business and education leaders recently agreed to work together to boost Louisville’s college graduation rate. If it works, it will likely put an end to studies like this, which show a low density of college-educated people in Louisville.

From LEO:

Leading among the top 52 cities listed was San Francisco with 7,031 bachelor and graduate-degree holders per square mile.

Filling out the bottom five was Oklahoma City, Jacksonville, Birmingham, Nashville and you guessed it, Louisville, Ky. with 250 degree holders in each square mile of Possibility City.

However, critics of the list point out that it’s subjective formula that rewards cities simply for being more densely populated with geniuses. So look on the bright side Louisville, we’re more sprawl than stupid.

Nearly 120,000 Hoosiers (or residents from bordering states) enrolled in Ivy Tech–the state’s community college system–this semester. It’s a nearly 33% jump from last year and breaks the school’s previous enrollment. (via Business First)

Have you attended community college? Was it to save money before attending a 4-year university? Was it to knock out prerequisites before pursuing a bachelors? Were you bored and wanted more knowledge? There are plenty of reasons to attend, but it seems hard not to connect this enrollment jump to the economy. Without polling the students, we won’t know why for sure.

Interestingly, U of L is aiming to increase its yearly transfer rate by 50% in the next ten years.

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