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The owner of the bicycle soup delivery business SoupByCycle was injured Wednesday. He was stopped at an intersection when he was hit by a car.

“It wasn’t just a tap,” Ritchie said.

According to Ritchie, the driver rolled down her window to ask if he was all right. “I said, ‘No, not really,’ ” he recalled. Ritchie asked the driver for her insurance information.

“The next thing I knew, she was going around me,” he said.

Noting the driver’s license plate number, Ritchie reported the incident to Louisville Metro Police. An LMPD spokesperson said that police would try to get in touch with the owner of the car on Thursday.

Ritchie says he can’t ride for a week, and there is no one to fill in for him at his business.


On Thursday, Louisville Metro Police Officer Paul Pegram was hit by an SUV and killed while riding his bicycle in Spencer County.

From Broken Sidewalk:

Pegram was off duty at the time and was stopped on the shoulder of Briar Ridge Road.  Both Pegram and the driver lived within two miles of the crash site.  According to LMPD, Pegram enjoyed cycling and would ride several times a week.  The driver told police he didn’t see Pegram on his bike before the collision.

Briar Ridge Road, also known as State Highway 248, is a winding rural two-lane undivided road with a posted speed limit of 55 mph.  Even at only 40 mph, the chances of surviving a collision with a car are only 15 percent, so an impact at 55 mph would be even worse.

On Friday, Police Chief Robert White was asked about Officer Pegram, the accident and cycling. Here is the full audio of his remarks. (MP3)

In our report on Bike To Work Day, we quoted Bike Louisville’s Scott Render who said last year’s Bike To Work Day drew riders from across the city, with a majority riders rode from near-urban neighborhoods to downtown offices.

From Metro Government via Broken Sidewalk

Broken Sidewalk has last year’s map of the routes people biked, and while it looks like most routes do in fact lead downtown, suburbanites didn’t slouch. A number of riders from outside 264 pedaled to suburban and urban offices. A few of these routes are fairly long, and it seems like anyone navigating roads meant mostly for cars would benefit from improved bike lanes and a map of those lanes. Both of which are in the works.

In October we posted the story of two San Francisco cyclists who were harassed (and harmed) by an automobile driver. They captured the driver’s license plate number and took it to the police.

Here’s an update, from BoingBoing:

After two months, they’ve been told that the SFPD doesn’t intend to investigate the crime. Apparently, driving your car into a cyclist, causing injury, and failing to remain at the scene isn’t a serious crime in the SFPD’s books. JWZ thinks that this is part of a pattern of the SFPD ignoring motor-vehicle crimes against cyclists and pedestrians.

Two years ago, the Parisian (Paris, France, not Paris, KY) government purchased more than 20 thousand bikes. These bikes were made available as part of a low-cost public program to help people get around. Now more than four fifths of those bikes have been damaged beyond use.


Bruno Marzloff, a sociologist who specializes in transportation, said, “One must relate this to other incivilities, and especially the burning of cars,” referring to gangs of immigrant youths burning cars during riots in the suburbs in 2005.

He said he believed there was social revolt behind Vélib’ vandalism, especially for suburban residents, many of them poor immigrants who feel excluded from the glamorous side of Paris.

“It is an outcry, a form of rebellion; this violence is not gratuitous,” Mr. Marzloff said. “There is an element of negligence that means, ‘We don’t have the right to mobility like other people, to get to Paris it’s a huge pain, we don’t have cars, and when we do, it’s too expensive and too far.’ ”

I remember the bike rental from the 2008 Idea Festival. Bikes were available for free and could be used all day by anyone downtown, as long as the bikes were returned by the end of the day. Do you think America’s social mobility would keep a permanent bike rental from suffering the same fate as the French program? Would you use a free bike downtown?

Stories about cyclists who are hit by cars are uncomfortably common these days. Rather than play the blame game, we’ll post this story about cyclists trying to nab the driver who bumped a rider off the road:

Monday around 6pm, [info]netik and I were biking West on Harrison on the right side when a car passed me on the left, within a few inches. I had enough time to think, “Hey, that was close”, look forward, and yell “Look out!” before the car’s mirror hit [info]netik’s handle bar from behind and sent him tumbling. The guy kept driving. I chased after the car, pulled up to his window and said, “Hey! You just hit that guy!” He look at me and said, in a calm deadpan, “Really? That’s just terrible.” And then he drove off.

The rider has posted the driver’s license plate online.

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