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Former Indiana Senator Evan Bayh has joined the Washington D.C. based law firm Mcguire Woods.

The move may come as a surprise, given that Bayh’s retirement was driven largely by his dissatisfaction with the Senate. According to the Wall Street Journal, Bayh will remain involved in congressional matters. Specifically, he will be a strategic adviser, largely on energy issues.

Mr. Bayh, a centrist Democrat who was a member of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee as well as the Banking Committee during his two terms in the Senate, likely will be spending a lot of time on banking policy as well as energy and climate-change policy.

Some of the firm’s major clients include Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo & Co., BB&T Corp. and Fifth Third Bancorp. On the energy side, clients include Dominion Resources Inc. and Progress Energy Inc. Smithfield Foods Inc. is another significant client.

In an interview, Mr. Bayh said that despite the partisan divide in Congress, action on energy and climate issues is a real possibility this year as the EPA faces the need to regulate carbon dioxide and businesses turn to Congress for certainty.


Talking Points Memo has put together a map of the “Shadow Congress.” The Shadow Congress is TPM’s term for former legislators now working for lobbying firms. Only one former Kentucky lawmaker is listed as a legislator on the national scene–Democrat Walter D. Huddleston, who was  U.S. Senator from 1973 through 1985. He lost his re-election bid to Mitch McConnell and was the target of the infamous hound dog ads. He now works for Hecht Spencer and Associates.

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