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Even though he campaigned as an outsider, there are some political trends Senator-elect Rand Paul appears unable to avoid. He will follow in the footsteps of hundreds of his political forebears by releasing a book.

From the C-J:

“In The Tea Party Goes to Washington, Rand Paul presents his plan—and the Tea Party’s platform—to bring the U.S. government more in line with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, to stop spending money the country doesn’t have, to stop borrowing, to balance the budget and reduce the size of the government,” the press release says.
There is no word on where Paul’s book will be available.


Here’s the cover of the new Publisher’s Weekly magazine:

It’s causing a stir on Twitter. While most people agree that the image itself is well-done, many say the context is offensive. With different text, they say  image could carry a strong message, but underneath the editors’ pun, it’s any number of things: an enforcement of existing stereotypes; a mockery of black power imagery; a marketing ploy.

What do you think?

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