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Senator Dan Seum‘s (R-Louisville) neighborhood schools bill–which would end Jefferson County Public Schools’ student assignment plan–has cleared the Senate Education Committee and could be up for a vote by the full Senate Friday.

State Senator Dan Seum sent a letter and survey to his constituents recently saying he was opposed to “liberal power-grabs.” The survey poses questions on several topics, including:

  • Amend Kentucky’s Constitution to allow you to choose your health care insurance rather than being forced into a government “public option” system controlled by bureaucrats in Washington DC
  • Amend Kentucky’s Constitution protecting public displays of religion, including the Ten Commandments, as part of a display of historic documents
  • Require a woman considering an abortion to have a “face-to-face” meeting with a doctor to discuss medical risks rather than listening to a recorded message on a telephone or watching a video
  • Promote “clean coal technology” to ensure an energy independent America uses Kentucky coal


As Rick Howlett reported on WFPL today, “Louisville attorney Ted Gordon was back in court Monday, filing a motion that asks a judge to reopen Gordon’s suit challenging Jefferson County Public Schools student assignment plan.”

You can read the story here.

Superintendent Sheldon Berman and Mayor Jerry Abramson made a joint appearance today (along with Congressman John Yarmuth) and afterward, they talked about the suit and the neighborhood schools legislation.

Berman and Gordon are quoted in the WFPL story. Here is what the mayor had to say:

(That’s WHAS-11’s Joe Arnold asking some of the questions)

A few people have asked why The Edit hasn’t posted any speculation about the mayoral race recently. Well, we don’t want to mislead anyone. But, with another candidate in the Mayor’s race, we’ll offer this.

Jim King made his announcement today with a PR firm (Tandem) behind him. He had a video crew record my interview with him and he’s clearly ready to sink a lot of money into this campaign.

Greg Fischer and David Tandy do not have as slick of campaigns as King…yet, but King’s entrance could put everyone into high gear for fundraising early on.

On the Republican side, Steve Pence is still an option, and Dan Seum said Doug Hawkins could fulfill his promise to run in State Sen. Seum’s steed. Hawkins would have to work hard to get the support he needs, and Pence may not want to give up his successful current career to run for a municipal office.

The GOP could also be working on choosing a candidate behind the scenes. With at least three Democrats battling it out in a primary, a unified Republican front could launch after Labor Day and smoothly sail until the general election campaign begins. This move would also save the Republican candidate significant energy and money by preventing a high-profile primary. It’s a smart political move, but it’s also risky; the public won’t have the chance to weed out a candidate they don’t like, and instead of losing a primary early on, the candidate loses the election much later.

However…The Republican candidate would have to compete with the media attention given to the contested Democratic primary.

It could be argued that the early start to the campaign will instill a fatigue in voters, and everyone will be tired of hearing about the candidates by the time the election comes around. I think the idea of voter fatigue is something that gets a lot of coverage, but doesn’t really exist.

Here’s what we reported on today:

Why wait until tomorrow? State Senator Dan Seum will not run for Metro Mayor. I just talked to him about it. Look for the story in today’s wrapup, coming in less than 50 minutes.

He’ll most likely make it official that he is not running for mayor next year.

Louisville, Ky. (13 August 2009)– Republican Kentucky State Senator and Majority Caucus Leader Dan “Malano” Seum has made a decision regarding the elections of 2010 and his possible entry into the City of Louisville’s mayoral race.

Rick Redding speculates on which Republicans might run for Mayor, but it doesn’t seem like a strong contender is preparing to step up. Doug Hawkins has said he will run if Seum says no, but I don’t know if Hawkins will follow through.

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