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Former Democratic mayoral candidates Tyler Allen, Shannon White and Lisa Moxley appear in the latest one-minute television ad from Republican candidate Hal Heiner. The three Democrats have endorsed Heiner in the race.

The spot paints Heiner as a change candidate, playing on the fact that there hasn’t been a Republican mayor of Louisville since the late 1960s. There has, however, been a Republican Judge Executive since then. Rebecca Jackson was the last Judge Executive before merger, and the last to have real power in government.

Other former Democratic candidates David Tandy and Jim King, and independent Jackie Green have endorsed Democratic candidate for mayor Greg Fischer.

Former Democratic mayoral candidate Shannon White has blogged about a lunch meeting she set up between Republican mayoral candidate Hal Heiner (whom she has endorsed) and Fairness Campaign director Chris Hartman. Heiner’s history on Fairness has been a frequent target, and White’s account restates several of Heiner’s explanations for his actions.

Hal said he voted against Fairness, because he was under the impression that the LGBT community was protected under federal statutes and named three cases where folks were defended.

Chris proved this argument to be false and mentioned three local cases where the Fairness ordinance was the only protection available for LGBT in our community.

Hal repeated that he had NO intention of overturning the Fairness ordinance and as a referendum by the voters, he took the will of the people very seriously.

Chris appreciated hearing this AGAIN, and sincerely thanked him for his support moving forward.

Chris asked Hal about how he felt about domestic partnerships for Metro Government employees in his Administration.

Hal stated that putting financial considerations aside, a “PLUS ONE” benefit program whether for domestic partners of same sex or straight couples would be something he would like to see in his first term.

From WFPL:

Former Louisville mayoral candidates David Tandy and Jim King formally endorsed Greg Fischer Friday.

Fischer defeated the two Metro Councilmen in the Democratic Primary in May. Fischer finished with 45 percent of the vote, behind him were Tandy and King, each with about 20%.

Shannon White, who won about 2% of the Democratic Primary vote, endorsed Republican candidate Hal Heiner last week.

A spokesperson for the Heiner campaign criticized Fischer for welcoming endorsements from two Metro Council members after calling Heiner, also a councilman, an insider.

The four other Democrats who ran in the primary have not offered public endorsements of either candidate.

In addition to Fischer and Heiner, independents Jackie Green, Nimbus Couzin and Jonathan Mills will also appear on the November ballot.

Here is the Fischer campaign statement:

Saying that Louisville needs a mayor who can unite the city, create jobs and put people back to work, Metro Councilmembers David Tandy and Jim King today endorsed Greg Fischer for Mayor.

“Greg is the leader our city desperately needs,” said King, a Democrat who represents the 10th district. “He is the true job creator in the race – and he has the business experience to immediately step into the mayor’s office and lead our city towards growth and prosperity.”

“Greg will be a mayor for all of Louisville, from downtown to the suburbs, from the east to the west and the south,” said Tandy, who represents the 4th district. “He will put our neighborhoods first and will build a efficient government that is open, honest and accountable to the people.”

Tandy and King were primary opponents of Fischer – and, among the three, they garnered 85 percent of the votes.  Tandy and King said they, along with other Democrats, are united in their support for Fischer’s fresh vision and leadership for Louisville.

Fischer said he was honored to have their endorsement.

“David, Jim and I share a common belief that Louisville can be a better place – a place where our children and grandchildren can find good-paying jobs and raise their families,” Fischer said.

And the response from Heiner’s campaign spokesperson, Joe Burgan:

While spending the summer bashing Hal for  serving on the Metro Council, Greg Fischer runs to the arms of two democratic council members who have served the city just like Hal.  I guess this proves that Greg believes experience like Hal’s matters when running for mayor.

Former Democratic mayoral candidate Shannon White has endorsed Republican Hal Heiner in the Louisville mayor’s race.

In a statement, White said “We are at a critical juncture as a city, and because of that, I have given careful consideration to this endorsement. After meeting with both Greg and Hal, I have decided to choose an energizing leader, regardless of party affiliation, that I believe is the best choice as the next Mayor of Louisville.”

Heiner campaign spokesperson Joe Burgan says the campaign has met with several of the former Democratic candidates (Jim King has said he supports Greg Fischer) about endorsements.

In the May primary, White won about 2% of the vote. Burgan says White’s support is welcome, but the endorsement is also a large symbolic victory for the Heiner campaign, which has received support from Democratic voters in recent polls.

Heiner trails in female support in polls. While White will campaign for Heiner, Burgan says the White endorsement is not necessarily a play for the demographic.

“I don’t think we did this in hope that somehow this will give us an advantage in the female vote,” he says.

Three of the most notable Republicans elected in county-wide elections are County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw, former Congresswoman Anne Northup and former County Judge-Executive Rebecca Jackson.

The two frontrunners in the primaries for Louisville mayor are holding on to their leads according to a new poll.

A Bluegrass Poll commissioned by the Courier-Journal and WHAS11 shows the number of undecided voters in the Republican and Democratic primaries shrinking by about half. Benefiting from the drop are Democrat Greg Fischer and Republican Hal Heiner. Fischer now holds 42 percent of the vote among Democrats, marking an 11 point increase from a similar poll released last month. Behind Fischer is Metro Councilman Jim King, who gained eight points and holds 21 percent of the vote. King has overtaken fellow Councilman David Tandy, who dropped to third with 13 percent of the vote. He previously polled at 16 percent.

In the Republican primary, Chris Thieneman remained in second place with 25 percent, but Councilman Hal Heiner strengthened his lead. He now polls at 63 percent, up from 42 percent last month.

In both races, 11 percent of likely voters were undecided.

The full results:


  • Greg Fischer – 42
  • Jim King – 21
  • David Tandy – 13
  • Tyler Allen – 7
  • Shannon White – 2
  • Connie Marshall -2
  • Burrell Farnsley – 2
  • Lisa Moxley – 1
  • Undecided – 11


  • Hal Heiner – 63
  • Chris Thieneman – 25
  • Jonathan Robertson – 1
  • Undecided – 11

Democratic candidate for mayor Shannon White sent an e-mail today commenting on last month’s audit of Metro Government. White’s criticism of Metro Government comes two days after State Auditor Crit Luallen discussed the audit with two Metro Council committees.

In the e-mail, White criticizes Democratic candidates David Tandy and Jim King and Republican candidate Hal Heiner (all three are councilmembers) for their relationship to metro government, even though they weren’t cited for being behind anything in the audit. White specifically targets Tandy for his trip to Baltimore to meet with Cordish executives about a loan the city gave the company.

I am outraged over the current administration’s handling of taxpayers’ dollars. Let us NOT forget that the recent state audit found 69 problems areas with metro government mostly due to MAJOR accounting problems, including 23.5 MILLION dollars in question.

Ten of thousands of dollars were not accounted for in Metro Corrections, the city actually gave back thousands of dollars of federal grant money and lost cats and dogs that were in the care of Metro Animal Services.

I am disappointed over the latest ads from three of my opponents promising an “open and honest government” … promises that the city government will be held accountable.

It is all complete BULL- these current Metro Council members are part of the establishment and part of the problem. Hal Heiner, Jim King and David Tandy are the reason our local government is in the shape it’s in.

In addition, we should remember that Councilman Tandy continues to promise transparency when he went on a fact finding mission to investigate the Cordish deal that involved 900,000 dollars of tax money- your hard earned money.

And Tandy ended up signing a confidentiality agreement while promising transparency- he knows what happened to our tax dollars- but agreed with the big corporation to keep it silent.

David Tandy & Jim King both served as presidents of Metro Council.

Do you really want more of the same administration? If we elect a councilmember to keep doing the same things- Louisville will get the same results.

Democratic candidate for mayor Shannon White released her education achievement plan today. (Fellow Democrat Greg Fischer released his environmental plan today, see WFPL for more) Here is White’s plan:

In order to have a world class city, we need a highly educated workforce. In my Administration, education would be the highest priority.

My mother, Chris Corbin, has been a JCPS teacher for 27 years and is currently the principal at Maryhurst.   She is the driving force behind my love of educational excellence.  She taught me how education can transform lives.  I believe every child should have the opportunity to shine.

Overall, my Education Plan includes the following:

1.) Reaffirm our support for the JCPS Student Assignment Plan and work hard to ensure that all children are educated equally.

2.) We must make it more accessible and affordable to obtain a GED in our community.

3.) Fully fund after school programs to keep children engaged and off the streets while granting them access to additional tutoring assistance.

First of all, we must reaffirm our support for the JCPS School Assignment Plan.

I believe kids who are already segregated by economics in our neighborhoods, MUST have the opportunity to be educated at a higher level. There are many neighborhoods in Louisville where the majority of folks don’t have a high school diploma, much less a college degree.  We must give these children who come from low income areas, hope for a bright future.  They need to be able to see and know that they CAN graduate from high school and achieve greatness in their lives. Children learn by example and success needs to be the primary goal for all students. So, I agree with the current JCPS student assignment plan that calls for schools to enroll 15% to 50% of their students from neighborhoods where the average household income is below $41,000. These children need to see examples of success in order to have a chance to get out of poverty. Only when our children are educated equally and are given the same access to education and diversity will we succeed as a city.

Secondly, we must make it accessible and affordable to obtain GED’s.

Currently, the Louisville Free Public Library in partnership with JCPS offers a half off discount for GED test takers if they make less than $10,000 a year. But, if you make less than $10,000 that is only $192 a week and $25 is a lot of money. We need to offer this test for free and offer additional testing centers that would offer not only the test but tutoring as well. Because once you get your GED or high school diploma, you can be instantly enrolled at JCTC or other vocational institutions to further your education.

In fact, people who have a GED, make $8,000 more than those who have never finished high school.  People drop out of school for various reasons and once you’re out, it’s hard to find motivation to go back and get your degree.  We need to encourage those folks to better themselves by obtaining a GED.  Having that degree will lead to greater career possibilities, which means more money for families and local neighborhood.  I believe strongly that getting a GED is a gateway to success.

And lastly, as mayor, I would work hard to fully fund after-school programs within low income neighborhoods to be sure that our children become even more educated than their parents.

Kids, who are in after-school programs, are more likely to stay out of trouble, finish their homework and study for upcoming tests. These children need to be encouraged to achieve greatness by working hard in school so that they can go to college. These kids need help from tutors and mentors to stay on track and focus on the future.

Many children from working and single parent homes have no place to go after-school and end up roaming the streets, only to cause trouble. Police acknowledge that the highest arrest rate for young people occurs between 3-7pm in between school and dinner time. We need to be sure that our kids have a safe place to go, that helps them be better prepared for educational excellence.

In closing, I believe that our children are the future of Louisville.  One of our top priorities should be to invest in their education.

We need to get behind the JCPS School Assignment plan to help every child in our community achieve greatness, we need to make GED’s accessible and affordable for those who’ve lost hope and dropped out of school and finally, we need to keep our kids out of trouble and fund after school programs in low income areas.

Please visit my website,, for more information on my education plan.

Democratic candidate Shannon White released her economic plan Thursday. I asked her about her low poll numbers, and she said she’ll be rolling out more policy statements soon in hopes of attracting the considerable portion of undecided Democratic voters.

Here is her plan, edited for length:

Invest in Small and Medium Sized Businesses

As mayor, I would invest in small and medium sized local businesses with forgivable loans, incentives and encouragement.  As a small business owner, I understand how proactive investments can grow a business.  When companies start here and grow, then they stay and help drive our local economy for generations.  It is imperative that we invest in our own resources to boost the local economy.  We need to encourage all citizens to buy local first and be proactive with our investments. Small businesses, especially women-owned small businesses, are the catalyst we need to boost the economy.

Education Attainment

As mayor, I would work to provide incentives for people to go back to school, and if they’ve lost their jobs, then we need to retrain them in viable industry.

There are many neighborhoods in Louisville where a large portion of the population doesn’t even have a high school diploma, much less a college degree.  We need to work to make getting an education more attainable in low-income areas.  I would offer the GED program for free to those who make less than $10,000 per year. We already have a reduced rate through JCPS and the Louisville Free Public Library for these people, but if you make$10,000 a year, which is $192 a week,  $25 for a GED test is a financial impediment.

We also need to double our efforts to encourage back-to-school programs for those who have lost their jobs by retraining them in fields such as health care, logistics and other top industries in Louisville.

Public Private Partnerships

We need to develop more public private partnerships to help people get back to work.  I’ve empowered more than 3,000 women in the Louisville area to get back on their feet and back to work through the non-profit agency I founded called Dress for Success.  Our program was about encouraging these women and providing them with interview suits and career development.  It was about giving them confidence and the skills that allowed them to rejoin the local workforce.

Democratic mayoral candidate Shannon White sent this e-mail blast today:

Yesterday, on April Fools Day, the Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus (MLWPC), that works to increase women’s participation in the political process and to identify, recruit, train and support women for elective and appointive public offices, endorsed Greg Fischer.

But, this isn’t a joke, and I am disgusted.

I have spent my entire life empowering women in this community and represent a female voice greatly underrepresented in politics,

  • I started Dress for Success Louisville to empower women to achieve self-sufficiency.
  • I helped develop a mentoring and coaching program at Women 4 Women.
  • I worked as a consultant to raise critical funds for both The Center for Women and Families and NAWBO, The National Association of Women Business Owners.
  • And, I was a monthly columnist for Today’s Woman Magazine for over five years.

Shame on MLWPC, who instead of choosing a champion for women in Louisville, they choose a businessman who is popular in the polls and a long time member of the deeply entrenched old boys network.

White previously hit fellow Democratic candidate David Tandy on his work with Cordish.


LEO Weekly got their hands on what appear to be the leaked Courier-Journal/WHAS11/SurveyUSA poll for the mayoral campaign. The C-J is expected to release these Sunday, so we’ll post an update then and compare the accuracy. LEO says the numbers were obtained through “dogged reporting,” but we don’t have confirmation from the C-J, WHAS11, SurveyUSA or the campaigns.

The results (liked above) put Greg Fischer and David Tandy at the head of the Democratic primary, with Jim King close behind and Tyler Allen a little further back. More voters appear to be undecided than supporting any specific candidate.

LEO reports that Chris Thieneman leads the Republican primary with a slight lead over Hal Heiner, and undecided voters still having the power to swing it either way.

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