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Now that data from the 2010 Census has been released, we can see how the population of individual counties in Kentucky has changed. That’s necessary information as redistricting begins in earnest.

CN2 has a breakdown of how congressional districts will need to change. Three of Kentucky’s six districts (2nd, 4th and 6th) will need to shed counties, says the report. Block by block data (when released) will be used to redraw the boundaries of the Louisville Metro Council districts. The council workgroup on redistricting meets Monday.

Third District Congressman John Yarmuth discussed his appointment to the House Oversight and Government Reform committee last week. Yarmuth said he was hoping chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) would back off from his aggressive plans to investigate the administration. Yarmuth also said oversight is necessary; the committee can’t be a rubber stamp for the administration, but a repeat of the mid 90s or glutting the system with subpoenas isn’t the way to do that.

Yarmuth was not as outspoken on the issue as the committee’s ranking Democrat, Elijah Cummings of Maryland. Cummings sent Issa a letter earlier this month, encouraging the chairman to restrain himself and not issue subpoenas unilaterally.

Issa responded to Cummings this week, saying he will consult with the minority party before subpoenaing administration officials.

Cummings also accused Issa of withholding documents, which Issa denies. It all adds up to observers calling this a “terrible start” for the powerful and important committee.

I talked with Congressman John Yarmuth about his appointment to the high-profile Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Of Chairman Darrell Issa, Yarmuth said:

“When you have a chairman who has gone on the record and said publicly that he thinks the Obama administration is the most corrupt administration in history and that he plans to aggressively pursue investigations. That, to me, reeks of witch hunt potential.”

You can read the story here.

Third District Congressman John Yarmuth has been named to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. His office says the appointment positions Yarmuth “to evaluate the federal government’s efforts on issues ranging from the housing crisis and regulation of the financial industry to implementation of the new health care law and programs to revitalize our economy, to national security and our military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

The oversight committee has been talked about quite a bit lately, with chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) planning to hold “hundreds of hearings” to challenge the Obama administration.

Third District Congressman John Yarmuth is on the House Budget Committee. He has introduced a bill to the panel that would reverse a rule change that gives the budget chair the option to exercise significant power.

When the GOP takes over control of the House next year, the Education and Labor Committee will be led by John Kline (R-MN). Kline supported tougher mine safety regulations in 2006, but has lately been at odds with outgoing chair George Miller (D-CA), who will remain on the committee.

Mine safety is not always a partisan issue, but government regulation almost always is. And it’s unclear how Kline may handle proposed updates to mine safety laws in the wake of the Upper Big Branch explosion.

The Courier-Journal sums up the concerns many safety advocates have as Kline prepares for his new role.

And since his 2006 vote on mine safety, he has been less friendly to follow-up efforts by Miller and others to further change the laws.

Kline opposed a 2008 mine-safety bill and earlier this year labeled called Miller’s latest measure “ill-advised” and “a much more expansive approach” than was necessary.

In a column in The Washington Times, he advocated “restrained federal involvement” in workplace issues.


Several incoming Congressmen are pushing to allow iPads in the House.

“There will be the ability to have real-time information brought to the floor in a readable, usable format. A member could make a factual statement, and someone with an iPad could say, ‘No, your data is two years old.’ All of a sudden, you have a member being able to one-up someone speaking on the floor,” said Frantzich.

There is also a proposal for legislation to be transmitted electronically to members, instead of printing copies every time. The House currently has a multimillion-dollar printing budget.

I recently saw a member of congress with an iPad. I asked if he could read bills on it. He said “No,” then sighed.

As Congressman John Yarmuth (D-3-KY) said before, he does not support the tax cut compromise.

Indiana Congressman Mike Pence has again fed rumors that he’s considering run for President. Pence spoke Monday at the Detroit Economic Club. The club is often an early stop on the presidential campaign trail. In his speech, Pence embraced the flat tax and social conservatism, and may have set the first planks for his 2012 platform. But when the topic of an official declaration came up, Pence said he’s counting on divine intervention.

Pence told the group he and his family are “determined to take the next few months and pray about” a possible White House run.

Another Hoosier, Governor Mitch Daniels is also reportedly considering a run in 2012.

With news Friday that outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will seek to remain leader of her party, Congressman John Yarmuth released this statement:

“Over the course of my four years in Congress, the vote that I am most proud of is electing Nancy Pelosi as the first female Speaker of the House. Speaker Pelosi has proven time and time again that she is able to build consensus in a caucus comprised of members from all across the ideological spectrum. Her dedication to advancing policies that improve the lives of all Americans is clearly evident in the significant legislative accomplishments that have been achieved with her as Speaker. These decisions, like all I make, are about what is in the best interests of my constituents and the country, about principle and not personalities – and that is why I will support Nancy Pelosi as House Democratic Leader in the 112th Congress.”

On Thursday, before Pelosi announced her intent, Yarmuth said he would likely support Maryland Representative Steny Hoyer for the minority leader’s post.

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